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Can I call this “Hooray for Whores”?

April 5, 2011

Watched this great movie on Friday called “The People I’ve Slept With”.  Super quick synopsis: a chick and her gay best friend both love to shag a lot of guys.  She gets knocked up.  He falls in love, screws it up, and has to get his guy back.  She has to figure out who the father is – there are several choices.  Personal growth ensues, as well as more shagging.

Two absolutely awesome things about this movie:

First, the color of the cast.  While my grad student friends might look like the cast of friends, this movie takes place in SoCal, and lemme tell you, judging by my students, Friends ain’t got it.  The cast in this movie has a lot of Asians, a lot of Latin@s, and very few others – which is SoCal.  It was great to see that well done.
Second, they have a lot  of sex.  They have kinky sex.  They have drunk sex.  And it’s not shameful, and it’s done by everyone, and she even does it after she’s knocked up, and her friend is having lots of gay sex, and she’s even seen fooling around with women.  There’s even a straight-laced sister whose prudishness is portrayed as a bad thing.  How great is that?

Slightly less awesome things.  I know, it’s a movie about a pregnancy, so it’s going to center straight sex.  Still, another movie containing a gay best friend?  Also, I’d like to see a movie about an unwanted pregnancy that contains an abortion, not just discussion of one.  You know, showing that there’s more than one choice to make.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Juno, but one of these days the pregnant chick is gonna have an abortion.

Overall, though, great movie.  Funny, poignant, and an interesting story to tell.  I highly recommend it.

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