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Zoe Bartlett: daughter and girlfriend; also, WW hates science

March 13, 2011

So I just finished watching season six of “The West Wing”.  Btw, much better than season five, if you ignore the first four or so episodes.  Almost as good as season four.

Aaaanyway to the topic of the post.  The president’s youngest daughter Zoe is a recurring character in the show.  We meet her when she starts undergrad at Georgetown, which is basically the only thing Zoe does in the entire show.  We see her date Charlie, break up with Charlie, date Jean Paul, get kidnapped, come back, start dating Charlie again, and watch her evolving relationship with her parents.  During all that time, she gets her undergrad degree, and comes back to live with her parents in the white house.  They actually haven’t even bothered to mention what she’s doing throughout season six, except sleep with Charlie.  She has no job that we know of, which I guess is sort of the point: she’s not a character, she’s a way of characterizing the men around her.  Her dad is protective and serious, Charlie is caring, Jean Paul is an attention loving ass, her  mom is protective, Zoe is…in the same room as these people.  For all the screen time she gets throughout the show, she has very little development.  She’s just her relationships.

Another huge pet peeve of mine in the show are the scientists.  Periodically we meet with scientists, and they are nearly uniformly characters to be laughed at as awkward eccentrics.  The guy from the superconducting supercollider and one chick from NASA are seen as pretty neat, and the rest would fit right in on “Big Bang Theory”.  (FYI I hate to characterize the woman from NASA as a “chick”, but her non-nerdiness cred comes from being sexy enough to get Josh to think space is important.)  For all this show is supposed to be a liberal haven, it fails pretty badly on anti-intellectualism.

Anyway, season seven is in the mail, and I’m super excited to see how it ends.

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