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self pep talk

July 25, 2010

I’m great at remembering the things I did wrong. I think it’s part of what helps me succeed – I always know where there’s room for improvement, and fear of the never ending guilt of failure means that I’m pretty driven to do well. But yeah not always the most helpful thing in the world. I can always give you a list of ways in which I’ve fucked up, but I often forget the things I do well. I’ve been really busy at work lately, which means that not everything is getting done as well as I’d like it to, so today I’m gonna take a minute to remind myself of the things I’ve done right.

In the last week I have: cleaned the pig’s cage, figured out how a Wigner transform works, coded a Wigner and tested it against published results, used my Wigner program to start understanding the system I’m working on, led two days of COSMOS labs including helping them plan their independent studies, gotten help from Ned on how to put NO2 into a sample sell for the COSMOS kids, adapted a bit of code to model the transient grating signal of iodine, spent several hours with Ara attempting to understand the data that generated, cleaned the tub, cleaned the bathroom sink, and put in a work order on the bathroom sink.

It was a productive week, despite my not getting everything done. Thanks y’all for putting up with my public self-therapy. I promise some day I’ll start actually posting content again.

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