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ACS fails

July 14, 2010

The latest issue of C&EN (Chemical and Engineering News, the magazine published by the American Chemical Society) has a lot of interesting numbers, the results of an ACS employment survey of it’s members. Now, this magazine is sent to ACS members, which are, you know, scientists. Educated types. People who appreciate and understand data. The magazine often discusses in depth recently published research on a variety of chemistry topics. Yet in giving this survey, they gave no mention of which numbers were statistically significant, or a margin of error, or even the response size for each number. Which means that you can’t draw reliable conclusions (although the attached article does a good job trying anyway). I am displeased with them. The numbers are interesting. I’d love to give you a post talking about them. But I’m sure that conclusions can’t be drawn on many of them, because of small numbers. Grr.

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