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if only this were true

June 29, 2010

“Zuska likens pointing out oppressive behavior to pointing out stepping in dog shit (you would wanna know if you stepped in some, wouldn’t ya? It is a mistake not a character flaw, etc).”
Skeptifem said that recently on a blog post about calling people out on their mistakes. If only that were true. (Note: I haven’t read the whole skeptifem post, and have only followed part of the drama it refers to, but this post isn’t about that.) I really really wish it was true. “Dude, fyi, that was a pretty sexist thing you just said”, with the assumption that the person didn’t mean to be an ass and would like to try to fix those mistakes in the future. As I read more about various types of difference and discrimination, I become more aware of my own mistakes. I find myself feeling shitty about things I’ve said, thoughts I’ve had, and I find myself very much wanting to avoid such things in the future. I love it when people call me out. Heck, I read blogs on racism and disability issues mostly so that I will read things that do call me out, even if it’s not me directly, so that I can see where I’m fucking up and try to fix it. Here’s my note to people who think sexism (racism, classism, homophobia, cissexism, etc.) is dead: pretending it doesn’t exist will not stop it from existing. Acknowledging it and working to fight it will.

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