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I am not poor

June 28, 2010

I’m going to try to be better about my financial perspective. I get angry when I talk to people who don’t actually understand what being poor looks like, so I should probably start with myself.

I am not poor.

I am nothing resembling poor.

I am underpaid for my education, sure, but I’m also still a student so I’m pretty damn lucky to be paid anyway. My rent might be a huge portion of my income, but my income is always adequate and my rent pays for a good apartment in a very safe neighborhood.

I fly places a lot. I fly to visit my family, and go on trips, and can always afford these plane tickets. When I fly, I use suitcases that were gifted to me, but I could afford to buy luggage if I didn’t have this set. I also use several hundred dollars worth of electronics to plan trips, entertain myself on the flight, and arrange for transportation too and from the airport.

I do other traveling too, that involves expensive backpacking gear or spending money for slot machines. When I go on these trips, I often spend a little extra to bring home souvenirs, gifts, or just to splurge on good food for traveling.

I can afford a new dress, new shoes, and new accessories to get dressed up for a wedding.

Not only do I always have enough to eat, but I eat well: my veggie intake is limited mostly by the fact that I’m still learning appealing ways to prepare veggies, and not by my income. I eat excessive amounts of delicious food, and while it’s not always the best on the shelf, it’s still filling, mostly nutritious, and delicious.

I have enough clothes. They fit, mostly. They keep me warm and decent. On top of that, I have the resources, to express myself in my clothing. I can afford to be picky, to buy clothes that say what I want them to say.

I have books. Lots of books. And CDs. And DVDs. I buy new ones every now and again, when I want to. I have so much stuff that I’m excited to move so that I’ll throw some of it away in the process of packing. Let’s say that again: I have so much stuff, to the point that I don’t need a lot of it, and want to get rid of clutter.

When my allergies act up, I take pills. When I get sick I go to the doctor. Now that my finances have settled I have no worries about my ability to pay for any illness I might be reasonably likely to get. I also have the resources to eat well, exercise, and read about health in an attempt to need less medical care.

I want to learn Spanish. The real limiter in this endeavor: time. I could afford, if I had the time, to invest in some expensive language software, or classes, or both, to make this process easier.

Yeah, there are a lot of things I don’t have. I still have loans. I save money by not owning a car. There are things I can’t afford, like…I dunno. Expensive jewelry whenever I want it. Flights to Europe. Kids. But for a single young person, I make more than enough. I want to try to remember more that I do have enough money, that I’m not poor. Maybe whine a little less about my income. People raise families on what I make – it ought to be more than enough for a single person.

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