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DADT reaction

May 27, 2010

I wish I could be happy. Officially, technically speaking, DADT is no more. Both the house and the senate voted today to pass a compromise bill that ends the law.

But only in a technical sense. The earliest queers could openly serve in the military is sixty days from December first, if I understand the law correctly. The Pentagon is due to have a study completed by December 1st which details what effects they believe ending the discrimination will cause, and issuing recommendations. Then, at any point after that, if the president, the chairman of the joint chiefs, and the secretary of defense all agree on the details, then the discharges will stop sixty days later. Considering that one of those three was quoted either yesterday or today as being glad for the compromise because it gives the Pentagon the choice of whether or not to implement, I worry. Considering that Obama has displayed little real leadership, and was only spurred into action on this when Dan Choi vowed to keep handcuffing himself to the White House fence until something changed (and insiders say the direct action protests were a huge part of the administration’s movement), I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I dearly hope that this time next year we’ll actually have seen real changes in the lives of those queers currently in the military but being silent, but I’m not exactly hopeful. So we’ll see.

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