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opinions on drug use

May 19, 2010

Growing up, I accepted what I was told, that drugs are illegal, because they’re bad. They’ll get you addicted and harm your health and so we’re not allowed to do them. More recently, considering whether or not I’ll vote to legalize pot, I’ve gone back to that very basic premise and found that I’m not so sure. Why does the government have the right to control which drugs we can and cannot use? What factors should be used in determining what is controlled and at what level are they controlled? Why do we think locking up drug users is a good idea? Why is alcohol legal when it’s terrible for your health and terribly addictive? Why do we let people get high on prescription pain killers as a side effect but not when it’s on purpose?

At this moment, I don’t really have answers. I’m very curious to hear your thoughts though. What do you think about the above questions? Did you arrive at your answers through experience, reading, health training, or some other method? If you’ve used illegal drugs I’m actually really curious to hear your take (and feel free to comment anonymously if you don’t want to attach your name to your story). I’ve never done any illegal drugs, and I’m curious about what the experience is like, and why people choose it.

I’d like to have a grown up stance on drugs. It doesn’t make sense to say drugs are bad and leave it at that, but most of the information and opinions about drug use that I’ve heard came from DARE programs when I was a kid. Your thoughts would be appreciated.

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