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April 26, 2010

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I’ve been angry at the democrats a lot lately. Frustrated that things have moved so slowly. My party affiliation in the last couple years has moved from “Hell yes I’m a Democrat” to “those damn liberals aren’t liberal enough”, which gives me an interesting take on politics. I’ve been frustrated with what legislation gets passed, and frustrated with calls for patience.

Today I was reading old Dooce posts over lunch and read the above link. It’s been an interesting read, to be forcibly reminded of the Bush years. I think I did to those years what I did to my memories of middle school: erased enough to make the memory bearable. Things today really ARE a lot better than they were under Bush. I forget that sometimes.

Here’s the thing though. They aren’t good. The Bush years were absofuckinglute crap. Now things are just plain old boring crap. So on the one hand, I’m glad that things are better. I’m glad that I trust my president now to respect me. But that’s a pretty low standard. I don’t like setting my standards that low. I dunno. I think it’s important to remember just how bad things were, just how ashamed I was, just how scared I was. But that’s not the standard. We’re not doing that well yet. I don’t know just how to feel, that things are a lot better than they used to be, but they’re still not good by any means. I guess it’s good to remember where we were though, but I want more from my government. I dunno.

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