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something I never thought I’d say

April 23, 2010
Today the Obama White House made me think something I thought I’d put away forever: sometimes American politics makes me want to be Canadian. Defending the National Day of Prayer, seriously? And DADT… oi. He promised us LAST year it’d be done in a year. Then that didn’t happen. But this year at the State of the Union he said it again. And again he’s running very fast the other way. If he’s really going to do this, leave us hanging again, I wanna see him call for ENDA to move, yesterday. Of course, that won’t happen, because we need to keep our Democratic majority in the midterms that way we can spend two years not voting on anything controversial so that we can keep our Democratic majority in the next Presidential election…

Yes, I’m feeling a teensy bit jaded and angry lately. *laughs* I promise to find something uplifting to write about soon. Though the next post I’ve been thinking about is depression in grad students…we’ll see.

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