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linkspam and color

March 13, 2010

Something of a linkspam today. I spent a couple days with almost no internet access and now I have links I want to think about, and in doing so I’m sharing. So here goes:

Worst Sexual Assult Prevention Tips Ever. These lists usually range from stupid to maddeningly victim blaming, but this one takes the cake. It’d be funnier if it wasn’t so depressing.

Adorable Rat Babies

Daily Kitteh from Shakesville, because the internet can never have enough cats.

Adam’s Family Jewels. I didn’t actually read the whole thing, but the idea in the first few paragraphs makes me smile.

Melissa McEwan on the National Prayer Breakfast: some thoughts on the whole event, and a bit more in the category of “why I love Clinton a bit more every day”.

Nerds of Color, an interesting exploration of the intersection of nerds and minorities.

Ain’t That a Shame, where an author discusses how the cover of her book got whitewashed, and what she thinks of it.

The last two have got me thinking about subconscious choices in media. No conclusions here, just some random thoughts. There is definitely media that I feel like I’m not supposed to consume because it features people of color. Mostly movies and TV shows, where all or most of the characters are not white, and I feel like that’s entertainment for Those Other People, and I’m supposed to watch something else. On a tangentially related note, I know I’ve checked the book cover for reference on a character’s appearance, and been confused when they didn’t match. Never thought before about the fact that my book covers are almost always white. *goes to check* My bookshelf features approximately as many people with green skin as it does those with brown skin. An interesting thing I’d forgotten on three covers showing three generations: while the Rowan is somewhat non-white (maybe Persian?), her daughter Damia is a tanned white woman, and the granddaughter Laria is very much white. Flipping through the covers rapidly is almost amusing, because the three woman look very similar and are posed similarly. I guess the first change makes sense: Rowan is of unknown ancestry, while her husband Jeff is probably white, so Damia should be whiter than her mother. Laria, on the other hand, well she should be greenish, because the book makes a big deal of Damia’s spouse Afra being green (I think they mean green the way Katie is green, as in ‘olive skinned’, not fantasy novel literally green).

Note: this is an old post that I never finished writing.  I’m just gonna post it as is, ’cause I know it’s a topic to return to sometime.

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