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my office plant

February 17, 2010

I’ve had a house plant in my office for a while now.  It’s a good hard to kill type: Devil’s Ivy (aka Pothos).  They do best when they have a lot of filtered light and little water, which means they’re great for offices.  My plant is thriving.
That sorta makes me sad.
See, my plant has a longer day than it would if it got natural light.  It gets light pretty much constantly for 12 or 14 hours each weekday, because Ned and I tend to work somewhat different hours.  Usually we give it a few hours of light on the weekends too.
If my plant were growing slowly, that’d mean I’m home more.  So as glad as I am to have something green in the office, it makes me sad to think of how big it’ll be in a year, two years, by the time I get my degree.  As it grows more I plan on taking cuttings to get more vines.  How many plants will I have by the time I have my degree?

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