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November 4, 2009

It’s funny that we have an idea of what normal is.  The more I think about it, the more I think it’s such a silly idea.  No one is normal.

I say this as I’m practicing something to help deal with my anxiety.  I have a terrible fear of certain bugs, and really feel I need to get over it.  A blogger linked a page of artistically taken pics of various creepy crawlies, and I’m doing what’s called graduated exposure.  Basically, I put up the page so that I can see the first picture, and leave it there on my screen until I get over being afraid of it.  Then I move on to the next.  If I start flipping out, I close the window and start again from the top in a few days.  Eventually, if I do it right, I ought to work up to playing with bugs by choice, and then ugly awful things like not hiding from crane flies and centipedes.  And it strikes me…it’s not normal to bookmark a page of bug pictures for that purpose.

But no one is normal.  I have a friend from home who is double jointed in pretty much every place you can be.  I have two friends from home who deal with chronic pain.  Another can’t see in 3D.  One of my female friends is completely color blind.  Most of us are not 20/20, even though that’s regarded as ‘normal’.  Another person I know has no left side peripheral vision.  Some friends have chronic back pain.  One with clubbed feet.  One with acid reflux in his mid twenties.  My mom has a spine disorder that has always given her back problems.  I have arch problems, asthma, psoriasis, and a ganglion cyst.

That’s just the physical stuff.  I have known very few people who don’t struggle from mental issues of one sort or another.  Most of the people I have befriended have turned out to be depressive, bipolar, have anxiety issues, or whatnot.

Apparently I don’t know any ‘normal’ people.  I know this seems like a silly thing to point out, but bear with me.  I’ve always felt like "I have psoriasis… I’m not like ‘normal’ people".  Like, in my head there is this ideal normal person, who doesn’t have any of the things I’ve listed so far in this post.  And that is how most people are.  And I find myself being sad that I’m not like them for whatever is the reason of the day. I always thought that most people have ‘normal’ bodies with ‘normal’ minds.  I didn’t realize that no one is like that.

Anyway yes.  I know it’s sort of a silly deep thought.  Deal.  :-P

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  1. November 7, 2009 2:56 am

    Wow what you consider (or used to consider) “normal” I would call “perfect”.

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