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the future

July 17, 2009

For some reason, the end of this article makes me sad for the future I’m going to miss.  Some day we’re going to have Mars bases and Moon vacations.  Some day we’re going to meet ET and explore the universe.  And I won’t be around to see it.
Sure, we might make it to Mars in my lifetime, but we’re not gonna be vacationing there.  Travel beyond Mars is incredibly far off – we don’t even know where we could go yet, let alone how to get there in any reasonable length of time.
I guess I just never connected that those things I read in scifi books may happen, but not while I’m here.
Here’s hoping reincarnation is in my future…

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  1. July 18, 2009 3:11 am

    If you need to feel pessimistic (realistic?) again, The Martian Chronicles brilliantly parallels Manifest Destiny and westward expansion (in some ways) and offers a look at human colonization of Mars. And it is brilliant.

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