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better dead…

July 8, 2009

I wish more churches were like this guy’s wonderful family.  Too many put no effort into making it clear that you are not better dead than queer.  And too many young people then choose death.

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  1. July 8, 2009 8:13 pm

    For Corry…
    Kind of hit home. I had a friend in boy scouts…..who…well…long story short….was fairly sure was gay or bi. And…through time…we were inducted into the tribe of mic-o-say. And he was my “blood brother”. we went through the trials. but…..all along. before, during the trials, and after…..i could tell he was at war with himself. Our troop….was fairly intollerant toward different sexualities.
    He killed himself my junior year. And i’m sure that battle between what he THOUGHT was right and who he was…….played a very important part.
    If only he had a place like this.
    But he didn’t. And that’s that. One of these days….maybe these sad things can be thought of as the identity dark ages. But until then….small moves. Small…..painful moves.
    And now…my neice. She keeps talking about her “friend” who is bisexual. “friend” indeed. She has a babtist family. and her parental figures are very anti-non-heterosexual. All her parental figures save for me. Maybe with my support….my ideas……my radical immoral ideas…..she may be saved from the internal conflict that took my mic-o-say blood brother.
    For my bloodbrother: Northern Guiding Phantom Star.
    I told him the tribal name was too long. Funny how i remember it so deeply now…
    God damnit.

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