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hetero privilege

June 24, 2009

that’s a hard word to spell.
We get a lot of flack for pushing our orientations on others.  This checklist really points out how much it’s the other way around.

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  1. June 25, 2009 3:10 pm

    Cool list. I’d add some, from the A standpoint.
    -Nobody tells you that you need to have sex in order to be certain of being heterosexual
    -You can be actively religious and not have people use that as an explanation for your sexual preferences
    -You aren’t pitied for the assumed rape that must have been in your past
    -No one ever assumes that the definition of your sexuality means that you are a hermaphrodite, a eunuch, infertile, or otherwise “messed up” in your private parts
    -On that note, you never have to define your sexuality for others, because “everyone” knows what it means to be heterosexual
    -You are guaranteed to know someone in your community, classroom, apartment complex, or workplace who shares your sexuality, or at least heard of someone who does
    -No one thinks you made up the term you use to describe your sexuality
    -You aren’t considered a prude, a child, or an angelic moral being just for being the sexual orientation you are
    -People you barely know don’t ask you intimate questions about your sex life with your significant other that they fully expect you to answer, no matter how personal, just because they are fascinated by the idea of your sexual orientation
    -You don’t need to learn that your sexual orientation exists through the sheer luck of stumbling across a web site or watching a TV program

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