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expected and still disappointing

May 26, 2009

It was expected.  Heck, it was probably even the best result, mostly because I’m tired beyond belief of whining about judicial activists (FYI, it’s mostly been republicans on those ‘activist courts’).  It does seem like reaching pretty far for the courts to overturn prop eight, despite how ludicrous it is that 52% of the vote is enough to take a major right away from part of the population.  We got the 18,000 marriage to stand, which is a good step.
As expected as it was, it still sucks.  Dear conservatives: It’s not your rights being voted on.  Stop listening to the lies your churches and leaders are telling you.  We aren’t going to marry in your churches, and we’re not going to take away your right to call us evil and compare us to pedophiles (while smiling at us and trying to be our friends).  It’s our rights being subject to vote.  It’s our right to be at our partner’s hospital bed, to raise children with them, to have police protection to live in peace, to be able to live and work without being fired or kicked out of our homes for who we are.
Gonna be an interesting day.  As I type this protesters are being arrested in San Francisco (which I’m following in quasi-real time on Twitter…strange), and San Diego Pride is urging civil disobedience.  Let’s hope it stays peaceful, but I’m all for disobedience.

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