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‘nother geography rant

April 11, 2009

Katie and Yin were in town this week.  :-D
I don’t like geography, though.  And our stupid relationship with it.  And this visit just highlighted how dysfunctional I am compared to most of the country.
First, there’s the fact that these are my two bestest friends, and I now see them for a week or two out of the year.  Same with my family, and Sara.  We email, and talk on the phone, and I’m working on the web cam thing, and we pretend that it’s good enough.
Then there’s the whole work/life balance.  I got chewed out by my boss on Thursday because I was sick for most of a week, and then had friends in town for most of a week, and so I didn’t get something done that he thought should be done.
I don’t agree, with either point.  I don’t accept that a job is worth living away from the people you care about, and I don’t accept that work should be such a huge part of my life.  Maybe I just don’t love my job enough.  I prefer to think that I’m un-American, and this is one of those cases where Europe has our asses kicked.  They don’t work eighty hour weeks there.  They take long vacations.  And they’re happier and healthier.  I guess it helps that I have very few monitary aspirations for my life, but I have no problem with the idea of working a European schedule for my whole life.  Sounds amazing.  I’d also add to that schedule a willingness to take the job in the place that will make me happy, near the people that will make me happy.  Sometimes I really wonder why the heck I moved out here in the first place, because I so very much want to be nearer to the people I care about.  I’d love to have Sunday lunch with Mom every week, instead of a Sunday phone call.  It kills me every week when we hang up, because I miss her so much.  Katie, Yin and I communicate through IM, and Sara through voicemail.  That’s not a relationship.  That’s some strange way of passing time, and keeping informed enough to be able to catch up in person.  I can tell that each of us are growing in different ways, and it’s getting harder to connect the way we used to, but each time we get to hang out in person a lot of those differences get smoothed over.  I don’t accept that this is a good way to have friends.  It certainly doesn’t make me happy.  Next time I pick a place to live, it damn well better be closer to home.  I’m so tired of missing the people I care about.  And no, new friends aren’t the answer.  I already have friends I like.  Why would I replace them?
I’m sorry, that was a terribly constructed paragraph.  Mostly I just needed to put that out there.  I’ll get back to being quietly dissatisfied with this part of my life, and hoping I’m not the only one.

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