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new vet

March 26, 2009

It’s amazing the difference a good vet can make.
All vets will tell you they know about whatever species your pet is.  Thing is, they lie.  Vets kill guinea pigs all the time by not knowing simple things like penicillin is lethal to a pig.  So finding a good vet is a big deal.  Last time we picked a vet, we went by the fact that they mentioned pigs in their phone book ad.  This time we went one better.  I was worried Zinc had bladder stones (looks like he doesn’t!) and that sometimes requires surgery, so I went to the best source for good vets: the guinea pig shelter.  Renee gave me the name of the vet she prefers, and even though it’s a bit of a drive (Long Beach) we packed up and headed out there.
What a wonderful vet!  He was friendly, and obviously knowledgeable.  He was careful with the boys, and also knew that guinea pig owners (as with many other pets) often know what the diagnosis could be before they go to the doctors office.  He asked me what I thought, and explained things to me clearly.
I love my new vet.

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