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I don’t like what you like

March 17, 2009

I’m sitting here at work, mildly frustrated with a pile of things, and I think I’ll vent some of that frustration by posting about something totally unrelated that also bothers me, titled:
I don’t like what you like.
Or, more accurately, I might not like everything you like.
(PS this was written in exhausted frustration, not true anger, so it should come off as snarky, but not actually bitchy.  I apologize in advance if it sounds bitchy.)
Dear World,
  We’re different people, right?  Different backgrounds, different genes.  Our parents and childhood friends are not the same.  We were not raised in the same house, or eating the same food.  We have lived our own lives, and while some of that overlaps, a lot of it does not.  You know what all that means?  I might not like everything you like.  And that’s okay.
  You grew up eating a certain kind of food, or were introduced to it in colleve, and you love it, and it makes you happy.  I’ve only had that food twice and didn’t like it that much.  It’s okay.  We still agree some somethings to eat, most likely contained in this list: pizza, chocolate, cookies, and spaghetti.  Believe it or not, we don’t have to eat all the same things.
  You watch certain tv shows and movies which you really like, for whatever reason.  I don’t watch new tv basically ever, and am pretty set in my ways in terms of movies.  It’s not that I’ll never watch a new movie, but I’m pretty well aware by now that there are certain types of comedy which don’t appeal to me.  We still agree that some movies are good, most likely Star Wars or some cheesy romantic comedy that we wouldn’tadmit to in company.  Believe it or not, we can like different movies.
  This applies to other categories as well.  I might like different music than you.  I might like different leisure activities than you.  I might find different books interesting than you.  How is it that people seem to be more willing to accept that I’m agnostic than to accept that I don’t want to see Austin Powers?  Seriously, what’s more important?
  I try to be good about not doing this to you.  I know I’m snobbish about classic rock, but for the most part I feel like I do a good job of accepting others tastes in other things, and I do notice when I’m not good about it and attempt to work on it.  Not everyone likes beef stew, or Dirty Dancing.  That’s okay.  I could be passive aggressive and strart trying to convince you to like the things I like, but that’d just lead to more pointless arguing.
  I know you do it to be funny most of the time.  That’ s okay.  Now and again, it’s fun to tease.  Why do you think I tease any of you who don’t like classic rock?  Thing is, so many people spend so much time telling me what I should and should not like that I feel more like I need to change my taste in movies than I need to explore my religion.  Once again, what’s more important?
  Don’t get me wrong, I love you all.  Now stop telling me what I like or why I should like what you like.  It does not make you more popular if you exhaust me into eating food I don’t like or watching a tv show I’m not interested in.  I’m also much more likely to agree if you ask me to do something than if you order me to.
I love you all,

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