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my less coffee adventure

February 25, 2009

When I came back to school in January I’d managed to get to a grand total of ZERO cups of coffee a day, and I was so proud of myself.  No more waking up Saturday mornings with headaches.  No more spending so damn much money at Starbucks.  Life was good.
Then Ara happened.
Conference end of January and I was back up to three cups of coffee a day.  February and work I was actually interested in, and it tilted over in to four.  It seemed no matter how many cups I had, I still crashed at midnight or so, and found myself unable to stay awake.  I just kept reaching for more caffeine, hoping
Finally last week, it got to be too much.  I was sitting at my computer at about eight o’clock at night, too tired to type, and incredibly thirsty.  I got up, and chugged a glass of water.
Twenty minutes later another glass.
Twenty minutes later another glass.
An hour later, I felt great.  I had energy again!
A week later, I’m drinking water consistently again, and down a cup and a half of coffee per day.  I’m still awake at midnight, and life is good.
Moral of the story: dehydration sucks.  Drink water.

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