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God is happy, he plays with us

February 12, 2009

I think there is a funny kind of karma in the universe.  I think that if there is a god he is a playful personage, who does things just to see what happens.  I think that we find ourselves precisely in the situations we try to avoid.  We say "I want this, and this, and this in my life.  And in exchange, I don’t want this thing that most people do want," or "I want this today, and I’ll put off that for a few years."  Then we find ourselves getting exactly what we don’t want, and having to maybe put aside the things we did want.  The career oriented finds young love.  The one with the plan ends up rolling about in the breeze.  Those who just want to settle down and raise a family take a long time finding the person they want to settle down with.  Irony prevails.

There’s a quote, from "Out of Africa", which I’ve always enjoyed.  There has just been a lion attack and an ox was killed, but the lion was driven off.  The servant is speaking to his mistress, whom he addresses by the title "Msabu".

"Msabu is bleeding.  She does not have this ox.  This lion is hungry.  He does not have this ox.  This wagon is heavy.  It does not have this ox.  God is happy, Msabu.  He plays with us."

It makes me smile.  It makes me very curious for the future, to see what it will bring me.

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  1. February 12, 2009 11:41 pm

    Hah. I agree. Life is incredibly unpredictable. We’re taught to plan it all out – but I’m pretty sure the smarter way to go about things is the way animals do. Make the most of every day, and things will fall into place.
    Plans = happiness. Happiness = plans. I’ve learned that isn’t how it works.
    In a lot of ways, I think true happiness is not something you can plan, or even something you can look for. It is something that finds you. You just have to be aware enough to grab it when it floats by.

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