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January 15, 2009

Don’t get me wrong, I’m pissed as hell about prop eight.  I can’t believe people can be so callous, and the lies told in the campaign make me want to break things.  That being said, we need to channel our anger into constructive mature solutions.  We need to focus on what we have (a president who will repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, two states gearing up to pass gay marriage legislation, the very possible passage of the Matthew Shepard Act) and we need to treat those who oppose us with respect.
Not everyone seems to agree with me about the last point.  A website ( has been published, with names, addresses, and occupations of prop eight donors.  Yeah, okay, publish business lists.  I’ll boycott those.  Names and locations?  What, are we supposed to go egg and tp those houses?  What does this do, except anger them, and support their claims that we’re just whining about not getting our way?

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