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Erik, this is why I hate people sometimes

October 16, 2008

Katie showed me this:

Hi everyone,

As many of you know, I run Huron Valley Rat Rescue in Ypsilanti, MI.  On Wednesday I took 45(!) rats from the local animal shelter on an emergency basis…There are 29 females and 16 males, ranging from about 5-6 weeks old to 4-5 months old at best guess.  Most are PEWs and black hoodeds, with a few black berkshires and a couple minks/mink hoodeds.  They were separated by sex with the exception of one baby female, but there is no guarantee the females aren’t pregnant.  As they were kept in poor conditions (crammed in a 30 gal tank and two 10-gallons, no food or water in the tanks) they were very hungry, dirty, skinny, dehydrated, and had parasites;  I’ve since dewormed them and treated them all with Revolution, and they’re eating a ton.  I don’t have enough large cages with small bar spacing, but I’ve done the best I can regarding housing.  Undecided

That was posted by Kaia, the woman who runs Huron Valley Rat Rescue, the shelter we worked with back when we were in A2.  This is not the first time HVRR has taken in dozens of rats in one go, often in poor shape.  This is small potatoes compared to some of the raids other shelters have done.  I saw some awful photos from a guinea pig shelter in the bay area that will make you nauseous.  People are always amazed that shelters for small pets exist, but what amazes me more is the horrendous things people do that create the need for shelters in the first place.
Of course, the word ‘shelter’ is a bit of an over statement.  When I say shelter, you’re mostly pictureing a building with lines of cages and a paid staff.  HVRR is Kaia (a graduate student), her house, and her friends.  Wheeks and Squeeks in Kzoo is a similarly run shelter.  Orange County Cavy Haven here (where I got Theo) has no home, just organized volunteers who house the pigs themselves.
Friends are always amazed at the care  I give my pets, and insulted when I say I tend to like pets more than people.  I promise to be fair and hate animals just as much as humans when they start locking us (or each other) in tiny cages, abusing us, or in one memorable incident, shooting domesticated animals abandonded in a park.

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  1. October 19, 2008 1:30 am

    Pets are WAY better than people.

  2. October 19, 2008 1:57 am

    Some day, when I’m not working crazy hard trying to get my stupid GAANN poster done, we need to take the pets outside. I think Theo’s ready to handle the great outdoors.

  3. October 19, 2008 2:06 am

    That’s horrible!!!
    I think it’s time to get Leo a new friend or two…

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