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“I’ll pray for you”

September 11, 2008

I don’t understand what’s so insulting about that phrase. “I’ll pray for you”. I’ve heard such rants about it. Now, granted, when it’s “I’ll pray that you convert”, that I totally get. But “I’ll pray that you/your loved one get through this tough time”, why is that bad?
Catalina said it again tonight, when I told her that my uncle had died. I’m very comforted by that. Not very much because I actually believe there’s some sadistic seeming god who only helps souls who have people praying for them down here. Instead, I’m comforted by the fact that my friend cares enough about me to wish well a relative of mine she’s never met. A friend of mine is willing to take a few moments to think about a total stranger, and hope that stranger is well, simply because she cares about me. I’ve always found happy thoughts and prayers offered to me and my loved ones to be a wonderful thing, and I do try to send them other people’s way. When someone offers to pray for you, from what I’ve seen, it’s simply an expression that they care for you. Stop reading an attempted conversion into it.

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