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two thoughts, unrelated

September 10, 2008

Subject one: Re: Adam’s latest blog
Well, partially a reply, a lot of random related thoughts also.
I can’t believe you’re eight. I’m just about three. Or is it four? *counts* Three.
I think it’s this paragraph I like best though:
“These 8 years of gay life have not all been celebration. These have been 8 years under a president who has made it clear that I am less of a person. Certainly not the best for an adolescent’s fragile self-esteem. While I struggled to accept my sexuality I was in a political climate where I was made to believe that I don’t deserve the right to love who I want to love, that I may be bullied, fired from my job, and that I don’t deserve to die in the presence of the person I love. Someone I build a relationship with for years might as well be some person off of the street, as far as the laws are concerned. John McCain will continue to perpetuate this in a manner damaging to any self-respecting gay citizen’s self-esteem.” (emphasis mine)
That’s the thought that convinced my mom. That’s the thought that I hope will convince a lot more people. It’s going to be an interesting election here, with the gay marriage prop on the ballot. There are going to be difficult conversations I know, times when I’ll get mad at friends, and times when friends won’t want to talk to me. I just hope, still, that when they do vote, they think of me. No matter how they do vote, I figure that their actions have been changed by having those difficult conversations, and having a friend who’s willing to stay friends but will get in their face about equal rights. What I’ve found is that people who are willing to deny me equal rights are often wonderful interesting people. I hope they’ve found that the people they’re discriminating against also can be wonderful and interesting. I do hope the exchange is two way. *shrugs* I guess we’ll see in November.

Subject two: LHC
Must be interesting to do science that the whole friggen world is watching. NASA does it, and the LHC does it, and pretty much no one else. I have to try real hard to get my family to listen about my research, but I’m betting a lot of them were talking about LHC today. Gotta be a whole different sort of pressure on your work.
Still, sweet science. Check out for an amusing joke. And find the LHC rap on youtube – it’s hilarious.
There are more thoughts to this. But I keep getting lost. So assume they were intellectual and interesting.

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