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August 26, 2008

I drove to orchestra tonight. Which contains two key words both with separate stories.

First the drive. Erik let me borrow his car ’cause he’s out of town for the week. I put on Michigan Memories: The Dorm Years and rocked out on the drive out. O M W do I miss driving. Granted, the 45min (not joking) spent parking reminded me why I don’t really want a car here. I don’t mind, though, borrowing Erik’s for a drive now and again. I may take it out later this week just to drive, get out of this town and see something worth seeing. Or I might decide that gas is expensive, I’m broke, and driving is bad for the environment, and go for a bike ride instead.

Then I got to rehearsal. I have missed that so much. Walking up to the room (late, because of the 45min spent finding a parking space) and hearing the group playing. Sitting down and joining in. The reminders about concert dress. The frustration of hearing people practice while the conductor is talking. The shear joy of playing with others again. I’m basically having a shitty week but tonight I’ve been smiling, and not sarcastically or ironically.

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