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still a chemist

August 3, 2008

a thought today.
What I study is very much on the line between chemistry and physics.  Many of the classes I take now are in physics, and I’m always doing reading on my own to catch up on physics I never took.  At the same time, my background is in chemistry, as is the rest of my lab.  The whole field seems confused as to where we belong.  One of the big journals makes it very clear, being titled “Physical chemistry chemical physics”.  *laughs*  I have to admit, there has been some fear in my recent past that maybe I am in fact *gasp* a physicist.
But really, no.  Physicists are always trying to turn everything in to a sphere.  Not saying that as a bad thing, but that’s their methodology.  There is nothing fundamental in the universe, as they see it, so they feel fine approximating everything.  Chemist do assign a fundamental level of structure.  We see atoms and molecules as the units which provide the best understanding of the world around us.  We think of everything around us at that scale, and in terms of those processes.
So, the moral of the story is, I’m still a chemist!  :-D

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