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July 25, 2008

I don’t quite believe that Erik’s really in my life.  (*laughs* Erik, please do tell if you read my lj, just for future reference.)  Every night we cuddle and fall asleep next to each other, but I half expect it to have been a dream in the morning.  I’m scared of saying “boyfriend” for fear of jinxing myself and making him disappear.
It’s just surreal.  Suddenly, effortlessly, there’s this wonderful person in my life.  Someone who makes me laugh and will talk with me for hours.  Someone who gives me a hug when I’m feeling nervous about the whole thing.  Someone who smiles all the time, and makes me want to smile just because I’m around him.  How can I be so lucky?
Part of it, I think, is that it was effortless.  I didn’t have to try, didn’t have to chase him.  He appeared and we fell into it together.  When would I say we started dating?  When he took me to lunch?  Last Saturday when I realized how wonderful he was?  That night when I went home with him?  *laughs* Yesterday when we made it official on facebook?  It just happened, with no real start, and maybe that’s why I don’t really believe it.  When I went home with him at that party there was no real discussion, just an understanding that we weren’t sleeping alone that night, and the next morning we were together.
I don’t know when it started, and I don’t know where it’s going, but I do know that I’m happy.  He’s a little too perfect, so I’m waiting a little fearful for large flaws to creep up, but until then I’m more than willing to run with this wonderfulness.
(*suddenly embarrassed* What if Erik’s friends read this?  O.O  Hi guys!  Please don’t think me too crazy to date your friend!)

I feel the need for a more normal boring update as well.  Work sucks.  *laughs* I’m tired of research at the moment.  Nothing works and we’re going nowhere but spending a lot of money and causing back aches along the way.  I know it’ll get interesting again as soon as we do an experiment, but at this point I’m loosing hope of that ever happening.  It doesn’t help that I’m still having crazy allergy problems and itch pretty much constantly.  At least I know now that I should just avoid wearing pants whenever possible to make it feel better.  But the good news is that it’s Friday, and tomorrow we’re going to the OC Fair.  Anyway I ought to go see what’s going on with the laser, which is down again.  Wish me itch-free luck!

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  1. July 26, 2008 12:19 am

    Sorry to hear your laser is crapping out. We’re not having too much luck with ours either. We REALLY need a new Millenia head…
    And as for the main topic, it sounds like you’re as happy as I was last summer ^_^ I’m glad good things are finally coming your way. You totally deserve all this awesomeness!

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