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growing up

June 28, 2008

*gasp* what a title.

I did a big kid thing tonight. See, I have this old hard drive. It’s the one that was in my compy two and a half years ago. It has the IM conversations from that month. I’ve held on to it, thinking that I really needed to see if it had one more boot up so that I could get these conversations. I never quite got around to it, but it was really important to me to have it around so that some day I could. Tonight while cleaning I came across it, and finally decided to let go.

In other grown up news, I’ve been working this week. Research is such grown up crap. The boss does all the fun thinking stuff. I’ve gotta do nervous things like call companies about getting parts, figure out how to mail packages, and attempt to put together activities for a high school summer camp I’m doing this summer. Not to mention the hundred times a day I have to ask my boss about something. I hate talking to grown ups. I spose by the end of the summer I’ll be good at it; I was good at it when I worked days for Dad. I just don’t want to be.

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