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NOT from NYTimes

June 15, 2008

Proud of myself for citing a different news source. I loved this article from last week’s Newsweek:
I have a number of friends who don’t believe it. Well meaning friends who simply don’t believe that there are enough queers and allies to make it happen. Somewhat less well meaning friends who smile politely but won’t give me the same rights they grant themselves. People like many of our parents, who support gay marriage in theory, but in reality can’t quite go there yet. I know a lot of people who don’t believe it’ll happen, but it’s coming anyway. We’ve got Massachusetts and, starting tomorrow, California. (*laughs* I wanna go get married tomorrow…why is Ashley still in Michigan?) Lawsuits are creeping up everywhere, and the courts are coming around. Hopefully by the time I move back to Michigan (shh, don’t tell my residency guy), I’ll be able to vote to repeal prop two.
Dude, I didn’t realize that tomorrow’s the big day. I wonder how many couples will get married.

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