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thoughts instead of studying

June 10, 2008

Topics I’d like to write on:
my hick cousins
the trip home
the baby robin, or my sudden interest in wildlife work
Each of those is rather long and involved.  A chapter each, at the very least.  But I’ve got a half hour to burn before I wander off to take my solid state exam, so I’ll just start with one and see how far I get.  And the winner is:
(are you really surprised?  It’s sorta a theme of my life afterall)

Interestingly, while I was home I had two (well okay the one with Katie was in two parts, so maybe three) discussions of religion where I attempted to put into words what it is that I believe, while hearing another person’s opinions on the topic.  Now, it’s no surprise to me that Katie and I discussed it, but it was interesting to talk about it with Zack, especially at five am pacific time in a Denny’s on Washtenaw running on four hours of sleep.
I am finding an increasingly large community of nonreligious people who believe basically what I believe.  We don’t believe in any deity that we’ve met before, but maintain a strong faith in the possibility – some would say probability – of the divine.  We believe that it is important to live our lives morally, but that comes from our respect and love for those around us, not because of some divine order.  For the most part, we’re good people.  We don’t lie, cheat, or steal very often, and usually that only involves digital media.  We dislike and mistrust organized religion, but understand that the people who practice it aren’t evil, even when they annoy the crap out of us.
The big realization, though, was that I’m pretty sure everyone is right.  We search out a faith system that works for us.  I could never accept a god who told me what to do all the time, and so my faith does not even include a personality behind the divine.  Others, because of personality and the way they were raised, enjoy the comfort of having a specific set of rules handed down to them.  One friend takes comfort in the idea of nature being divine, while another denies all existence of anything beyond science.  Some of my friends have a very personal relationship with God, others are content with a being who looks upon them from on high, while still others have a belief system they mostly ignore while still claiming membership, a condition which fascinates me.  Knowing these people, though, I find that we’ve all found faith that agrees with who we are.  We’ve all found a system of believe that allows us to respect the divine, and still allows us to do what we want to do.

There are a lot more thoughts here, about how blurry the line is between laws, morals, and divine codes, about how this ties in to what I believe could be a generation of change, about Sara, and about that chapel on William street, but I have to go take an exam now.

Running tally of excessive Jesus accusations
LOTR: Frodo, Gandalf, Aragorn
Narnia: Aslan, Peter, Susan, Edmund, Lucy
I claim two things: you can’t have more than one Jesus, and what many see as “Jesus” is not Christ, but faith based imagery too vague to belong to a specific faith system.  Jesus is not the only form of the divine believed in by humans.

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