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dressed up

May 30, 2008

Last night we all got dressed up, in our awkward “we’re grad students so bear with us” sort of way.  Allison managed to get ready in about three minutes, which is faster than I get dressed for class.  I forgot to buy pantyhose and so felt like something of a bobby socks-er (how do you write that word?) in black socks and a knee length skirt.  Shawn looked very classy in pinstriped black slacks, a maroon shirt, and a very sharp tie, but refused to shave because he only does that on Sundays now.  Amanda, Megan J, and Catalina amused me, because when I found them in the crowd during seminar it looked like the same head under different filters: all three wore their hair down parted in the middle, and all three have very straight hair, just three different colors.
First there was this big talk, where there wasn’t enough seating, so Shawn ended up curled on on the floor napping while Allison and I tried not to laugh too hard about it.  That proved to be the most interesting part of the talk, because it was on organic methods for biochem, which has nothing to do with lasers.  I was misled by the phrase “shedding light” in the title.  Turns out that didn’t mean lasers.
When we walked in (late) to the talk, I felt horridly over dressed.  There were a lot of people in jeans and t-shirts, and here we were rather nicely dressed.  Afterwards, though, I was glad we wore what we did.  We went next door for the dinner, and suddenly we weren’t overdressed at all.  White linen table cloths, fine wine (unless you listen to Pierre, but he’s French so no wine is good enough for him), and a jazz band playing softly in the corner.  Dinner conversation was polite but slightly stilted by the music and the awkwardness of the surroundings, but included my being told that I eat improperly.  And then an argument over the proper way to eat.  I sat back and ate, because it doesn’t matter to me how the food gets to my mouth, just that it gets there.
When we got home, I felt like it was afterprom.  Allison and I hung out in pjs with our hair done and makeup on.  My boys and I cuddled, I played my violin, and then we stayed up all hours talking about the things we won’t have time to talk about in the future.  We’re making up for future lost time, I think, each evening.

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