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May 4, 2008

When I say we disrespect social sciences by assuming everyone can do it, and this causes a rift between social and physical science, I definitely don’t believe we should heal that rift by pretending to be experts in hard science as well.  The state of Michigan has a bill in the House attempting to encourage <a href=””>”Academic Freedom”,</a> meaning that middle and high school teachers would be teaching critical analysis of evolution.  To give you an idea of the point of this bill, it’s supported by the Discovery Institute, makers of the “Scientific Dissent for Darwinism” petition that got so roundly schooled by <a href=””>the four day petition</a>.  This bill would assume people who are experts in teaching are also expert enough to discuss why evolution may have problems, despite their lack of training in the area.  While seeming fair minded, because it never asks that the teachers say evolution is false, it singles out evolution as the only area of the scientific curriculum receiving such scrutiny.  Stay tuned, and if it makes it to general floor vote be sure to write your legislators about it.

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