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this makes me sick

April 28, 2008
Some wonderful quotes:
Mr. Pipes refers to this new enemy as the “lawful Islamists.”
Conceptually, such a school could be “marvelous,” Mr. Pipes wrote, but in practice, it was certain to be problematic. “Arabic-language instruction is inevitably laden with Pan-Arabist and Islamist baggage,” he wrote, referring to the school as a madrassa, which means school in Arabic but, in the West, carries the implication of Islamic teaching. Given how little Mr. Pipes knew about the school at the time, the word was “a bit of a stretch,” he said in a recent interview.
Mr. Pipes places Muslims in three categories, he said: those who are violent, those who are moderate and those in the middle. It is this middle group, he argued, that now poses the greatest threat to American values.
“Are these people who are not using violence but who are not fully enthusiastic about this country and its mores, its culture — are they on our side or are they on the other side?” he asked.
But opposition to the school mounted after critics learned that its advisory council included three imams (along with rabbis and priests), that there would be an internship for students with a Muslim lawyers’ association and that the proposal for the school suggested it might offer halal food.

O M W.  Honestly, we’d better watch out for those dangerous people who might not be completely in love with American culture and might want to offer various ethnic foods.  Because no one else in America does that anywhere at any educational level, so obviously they’re evil.  This reminds me of an article I read a while back, about a Mandarin/English education, which is similarly controversial but not to the same degree.  Wtf.  Is it that terrible that our children grow up able to communicate with a few million/billion more people?  Is it such an awful thing for them to be exposed to ideas which aren’t their own, and asked to understand other cultures from a young age?  Do we really have to wait until college before we find out that other people eat different things, often for religious reasons, but some of those things are quite good to eat?  Oh I’m sorry, I forgot, we’re Americans, an ethnically and culturally homogeneous group which shares exactly the same values and does not allow people to join who aren’t exactly like we are.
Seriously, go jump off a cliff.

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