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New York

April 1, 2008

So as some of you know (and Mike apparently did not) I spent half of spring break in New York visiting Katie and Yin. I’d like to describe this trip in terms of transportation used, because for some reason that really amuses me.
Amanda drove me to the airport Thursday. Then she drove back so that I could get my coat out of her trunk and give her my apartment key (she was watching the pigs). Blonde moment over, I got on the first plane, to Phoenix. It was half full, so the told us we could pick our own seats, but I stayed with my assigned seat despite the row being full because it was the first row and had more leg room. The girls sitting next to me used their cell phones the whole time. Then from Phoenix I got on an overnight to JFK. This was my first short layover, as I had just enough time to go to the bathroom before getting on the next plane. What with the time zone crossings, this four hour flight took me seven ‘hours’, a fact that I didn’t realize meant that it got in at three am California time. I tried to sleep…and only managed two hours. Oi.
But then I was in New York. After baggage claim (and a cup of coffee) I found the AirTrain to Jamaica Station. Then an hour’s wait, then a slightly panicked phone call to Katie to tell her that the train she said I wanted wasn’t on the schedule. After realizing that A. I’m a dumbass and wasn’t reading the monitors right, B. The train was under a different named, and C. another train that was easier was leaving at almost the same time, I got myself on a train headed to her place. Here I managed another hour of sleep on the two hour train ride. Then finally I got in to Port Jefferson and Katie was waiting on the platform. :-)
She drove me home, we hung for a bit, she went to class and I slept. My word that was wonderful. Btw, Long Island is much prettier than SoCal, simply because it looks like home and had actual natural areas.
Then Thursday night we planned our journey to the city, and Friday we went to NYC. What an adventure. Now check out how many forms of transportation we used, without missing one or getting mixed up…ever.
First, the train into Penn Station, with a transfer at Huntington. Then we wandered Times Square (Toys R Us has an indoor ferris wheel which is excellent, and a gigantic T-Rex) and got lunch at Hard Rock Cafe. Then up to the subway to go to the Met. We took the number six from Grand Central, and even managed to find the one going uptown not downtown. After the subway we spent all afternoon in the Egypt exhibit, with a quick run through the European Art. I think I could move into that museum for a month to actually see every thing that’s there. Then we got back on the subway to go down to dinner, where I met a good friend of mine online. After dinner we saw Avenue Q (hil ar ious). Then we walked up to Port Authority to catch the bus to visit Yin. That bus has such a beautiful route. Yin’s just over the river in New Jersey, and it goes along the water for most of the way. NYC is really very pretty from that view.

Eh, I’m bored of this. Abbreviated version:
bus ride
two subway rides
bus ride
bus ride
train to a train
train to a train to a plane to a plane to a plane to a car to my apartment.
And I ate lunch in Central Park.

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  1. April 1, 2008 10:43 pm

    sounds like a fun time!

  2. April 7, 2008 7:27 am

    I didn’t know either! Give me a call the next time you’re in the area, I’d love to meet up with you.
    Sounds like an awesome time. So much pubic transportation is impressive, the last time I was in NYC I spent over an hour waiting for a subway that never came (because the local 6 doesn’t run on Sunday nights).

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