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March 19, 2008

An article about how the housing crisis is screwing over the whole economy:
Basically, some really dumb irresponsible people made some dumb irresponsible decisions.  Now they’re going broke, and the entire economy is feeling the results of their mistakes.  The sucky thing being, to stop it from getting worse, the Fed is doing a bailout.  What does that mean?  While workers are getting laid off and jobs are disappearing, some of those dumb irresponsible people are getting their debts paid off by the federal government.
At least those who’ve lost their jobs can count on that stimulus check, because a few hundred dollars will definitely change everything…ugh.  This is why I don’t like financial things.

In other news, I have a final in forty five minutes.  I do love ljing at odd times.  AHHHHHHH I can’t find my calculator!  I wonder if it’s in my office.  Oi.  At least Allie’s letting me borrow hers.  Okay I need to go now and get ready.  Or read the news more.

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