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Birth Control

March 16, 2008

To go back on birth control or not, that is the question.
The obvious one being that some day, I hope, I will get lucky, and I’d like to be prepared for that event. There’s cramps, the horribly awful uterine contractions that my body periodically decides I need. So far since I’ve been off it they haven’t been bad, but I’m sure they’re just waiting for a good moment to strike, such as qualifying exams, or a date on the way to said getting-lucky-ness. Then there’s my face. I hate to say it, but a reason for me to go back on the pill is the fact that my face has been way more greasy since I got off it. Seems sorta pointless to get thirty dollar a month acne medication when I can’t even be bothered to wash my face often enough, but you know, it really was working. This grease is way not cool.
The exam. Having to remember to take it every day. The fact that, while I do want to get lucky, that doesn’t seem likely any time soon. The exam. The hassle. The thirty dollars a month. I also like not being dependent on a drug. It always bothered me to have to take something every day, and seeing as how I’m starting to realize that I never want to have children, when I do go back on birth control it’s likely that I’ll stay on it indefinitely. Unless of course I marry a girl, in which case it’s all the fun and half the hassle.

In conclusion: I don’t know. Why am I wondering about this, you ask? Because it’s 12:30 on a Saturday night, I’ve been doing homework all day, and I really should be reading the thirty pages of time-dependent density functional theory which were assigned yesterday for our final exam on Wednesday.

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  1. March 16, 2008 10:15 pm

    “about 20% of women will have no period after one year, a safe (and, for most women, preferred) condition”
    If IUCs didn’t creep me the hell out, I would so get that.

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