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Accident Prone

March 14, 2008

As if I needed more proof of my lack of coordination and subsequent need for a safety obsession, I got one tonight.  I was slicing up an avocado for a sandwich (btw, delicious) and the knife slipped.  Were it a sharp knife I’d be on my way to the hospital right now because it landed square on my palm, but I always use a cheap – and therefore somewhat dull – paring knife, so I don’t even have a cut.

While many people are stress eaters, I’m beginning to realize that I’m a stress cooker.  I eat really well during finals, because I’m always taking study breaks to buy food and make up recipes.  Jen (my roommate) drove me to Wholesome Choice today, where the produce is cheap, and I stocked up.  I have more veggies than I know what to do with, so I feel like I’ll be creative in the kitchen this weekend.  Can you believe it?  I have excessive amounts of vegetables.  I’m also unable to spell “vegetable”.  Spellcheck is needed always.  I bought red skin potatoes, a russet potato, snap peas, green and yellow bell peppers, avocados, celery, cilantro (for the pigs), an onion, and a bulb of garlic.  I already had lots of carrots, and three heads of romaine lettuce (again, for the pigs).  Tonight for dinner I fried up some redskins, carrots, and onions, with garlic, various herbs, oil, a splash of Worcestershire sauce, and butter.  Tomorrow I think I’m going to throw all the veggies in a pot with some broth, beans, lentils, and ground beef, and have myself a wonderful soup.  I also have bunches of taco casserole left.  Hrm come to think of it, I also wanna try making tonights dinner again, but with bell peppers, chicken, and maybe some of those snap peas.
Like I said, I’m a stress cooker.  At least finals will be over in just a few days.  Then I’ll have more time to cook!

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