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I have a friend

March 7, 2008

I did a good thing last night.  A smart, grown up, I’m not going to always hate California sort of thing.  I was very upset about the administration of the class I’m teaching.  So upset that I couldn’t think straight.  I set a text message to a friend while I was teaching, and when I didn’t get a reply I called after work.  Turned out he hadn’t read it and was heading to bed, so I let him go (like the dumbass I am, even though I was near to tears).  But I got saved – he read the text, called me back, and insisted that I come over and we walk down to Starbucks.
I’m glad.  I have a friend, and he’s good enough to ignore me when I lie and say that I’m okay.  He’s willing to ignore my protests and make sure I talk some when I need to talk.

In other news, students really are the only reason to teach.  I’m about to fight most of the people involved in this class I’m teaching, but my kids are wonderful.  One of them (Mike) even gave me a Starbucks card with a cute little drawing attached.  I feel like that’s something.  Not every TA gets a thank you note from a student.  Maybe I’m doing it right, at least some of the time.  That’s the point of it all, after all.  When it comes down to it, what matters is that I have hopefully helped some students learn some things, and not hate class completely while they’re doing it.

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  1. March 7, 2008 5:38 pm

    I’m glad you have awesome friends and awesome students. And I’m glad you got yourself to do a “don’t hate California” thing.
    I’m glad you’re glad. Even if it originally resulted from being upset.

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