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I love food

March 5, 2008

Chicken and biscuits is just about the best food ever.  Made even better by the fact that it’s easy to make.  Thank goodness for Jiffy baking flour :-).
I do so very much love my house, and my guinea pigs.  I miss them.  I’m never here.  I think maybe tomorrow I’ll run home between classes, as well as down to the store.  We have a planned power outage tomorrow.  Not because there’s not enough power and they’re putting in rolling blackouts – no, UCIs exempt from that.  No they need to do work.  Uh, what?  Come again?  Who does that?  Shuts down a whole city to work on the power grid.  Crazy Californians.  But back to my original though, because of the blackout I have to go to the store to buy a flashlight, as I don’t own one.  Maybe I can con someone into buying me one…
Okay weird.  There’s an add flashing on this update page…that’s tailored to my location.  Since when were they allowed to do that?  How does it know where I am?  That’s so very much not cool.

There are some songs where it’s just like, damn, I get it.  Like that line from Out of Africa, “I see, this is the way it was supposed to be.”  Some songs have that.  You just stop and hear, really hear, what the artist is saying to you.  That’s the best sort of music.  That’s why I like guitars so much, and counterpoint.  It’s there more than in other kinds of music.

Anyway I’m going to stop rambling.  I’ve been light headed all day, so I guess I shouldn’t expect to make much sense.

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