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Yes, We Can

February 21, 2008

Why I Support Senator Barack Obama

I am willing to believe.  I am willing to buy a story that says we’re something worth believing in.  I am willing to be inspired.  That’s why I support Obama.
Our parents have memories to rally around.  Everyone in their age group can remember where they were and what they were doing when Armstrong walked on the Moon.  They know what it felt like to watch the civil rights movement in action, rather than read about it in textbooks.  They came of age in a world that believed in change, in a brighter future, and they can still hold onto that unity even when nothing else of that era seems to be left.
What unites us?  Those of us on the eastern half of the country can talk about the blackout of 2003, but really the one event that unites us is 9/11.  We came of age into political scandal, and the first president of our adult lives is an international joke on late night TV.  Social security is going bankrupt, no politicians can be trusted, there is disease and terrorism everywhere, and amidst this we’re simply trying our damnedest to afford an education and figure out if any of this is even changeable.
We’re the most mobile generation in history, introducing new levels of loneliness, independence, and an extreme emphasis on the ties we’ve managed to keep.  We want to change the world, but tend to work from within the system.  The only problem is that we don’t believe in that very system.  We have hope and aspirations, but nothing firm to believe in.
That’s why I voted Obama.  Our generation can damn well change the world, if we can only be convinced that there really is something worth doing with it.  We are waiting, perpetually and eternally, for something to hope for and believe in.  That rebirth of wonder is there, and we are willing to rally for it, but right now half of us still can’t dare to try.
Yes, Obama is inexperienced.  He’s young and brash, but that doesn’t matter.  He’s not stupid; you don’t get this far being dumb.  He’ll surround himself with advisors if elected to take care of the mountains of things he doesn’t know.  None of that matters though.  If Obama is elected,  I really think that younger Americans will finally have something to believe in, and that right there will be the change he speaks of so often.  Anyone who can get that many young voters out to the ballots has something going for him, has a chance at what I see as a phenomenal untapped potential in the hopes of todays twenty-somethings.  He says “In the unlikely story that is American, there has never been anything false about hope”, and I believe him.  I’m willing to believe him.  Even if he offers nothing except hope, hope is enough for me.

(many phrases borrowed from my memory of this poem:

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  1. February 21, 2008 10:22 pm

    That’s why I’m going to the county convention with this JUST ARRIVED YESTERDAY Obama pin. I’m going to try and convince as many non-eligable delegates as possible. Drop a few good lines and let them stew. It’s best not to force the issue.
    But yeah. Ditto.

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