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Teach and Chemistry. Which are two separte thoughts today.

February 1, 2008

I realized, last night, what a teacher means when they say that they’re students keep them going.
I had this kid, a total sweet heart (gay named Mike…seriously guys, it’s universal) who came up to me near the end of lab.  He’d dumped his stuff in his waste beaker and it turned bright orange, and since we were doing spectroscopy he wondered if he could take the spectrum of that.  I’m going “Hells yeah if you wanna learn more go ahead”.  While he was taking the spectrum (and analyzing it properly, which was wonderful) he says something along the lines of  “All my friends told me chem lab would suck, but they’re totally wrong.  Chemistry is fun!”  :-D  He was serious, guys!
See, I have a bunch of biology students this quarter, and it makes me think of all y’all from undergrad, the huge crowd of biology-oriented friends who had to take chem lab and <i>hated</i> every moment of it.  My goal has ended up to make sure these bio students don’t hate chem lab like so many of my undergrad friends did, and it seems like I’m getting somewhere.  It’s just really fun to see them problem solving and thinking about what they’re doing, and to watch them enjoy doing it.

Last night I was reading Newsweek (in the bathroom, like you do) and there was this hilarious article.  “Do you realize that there may be chemicals in many household items?  OMW PANIC NOW!”  *laughs*  *a lot*  Public service announcement: everything is a chemical.  Water.  Oxygen.  DNA.  Everything.  Chemical does not equal bad.  It equals matter (at least matter that plays the way most matter on Earth plays…not fancy stuff).  It’s quite amusing to hear them talk about how terrible it is that there may be chemicals everywhere.  I do have to give them credit though, for attempting to educate about the meaning of studies.  They had a note after one cited study that said that these studies didn’t prove cause and effect, but rather a relationship.  So at least there’s something.

Anyway.  I’m supposed to be working.

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