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Sassy Egret

January 19, 2008

Saw a sassy egret today on my ride. On the way out he was hunting just a few trail, but by the time I rode back he was standing on the trail, perhaps drying his feet. This is a busy trail, mind you, with bikers, runners, and cars coming past, and here’s this bird sitting on the side of the trail with his feathers fluffed up looking at us as if we’re in his way.
Also saw a female northern harrier. She flew by low, hunting, right next to the trail. I didn’t have my books with me and didn’t have a lot of time before she was gone, but I had this impression of a brown hawk-like bird flying haltingly with a bright white patch on the base of it’s tail. Turns out that’s enough to ID it.
Finally, there was a white-tailed kite hunting, and it caught something right as I rode by. *laughs* Pretty dang successful for a ride where I wasn’t focusing on the birds at all.

Now play “Born to Run” by Springsteen to read this next bit.
For some reason I got to thinking about what kind of person I want to settle down with. I want someone who gets this song. Someone who’s heart speeds up when a song has the right kind of guitar music, and who understands why Dave Matthews is so transcendent. I want someone who understands that working out is not about getting fit, however proud you may be of your kick ass abs. It’s about this feeling afterwards when your endorphins (or whatever it may be) get flowing. How after you shower you look in the mirror and love yourself and know that you are indeed awesome. Working out is about also those rare moments while you’re going, where the miles slip by beneath you and the waves are perfect. Those moments where you’re pretty sure you could go forever, because you’ve forgotten how to feel pain or tired. I want someone who can live in awe of the world around them and always remembers to pause and watch the sun set.

A family of bluebirds has settled into the tree next to where I park my bike.

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