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A few things about today

January 10, 2008

First of all, check this out. It’s a picture from our barbecue this summer. That’s somewhere around 99 bottles of beer on the table.

It’s interesting to sort of grow up. Coming home tired, it’s “Man, I’ve got to get to bed on time tonight”, not “Alright time for a cup of coffee before staying up all night”. Of course, considering the length of today, few things would convince me to stay up late tonight. Got up at seven for class at eight. Class was supposed to end at 9:30, but I had to leave a couple minutes early because of a minor emergency that was more surprising than anything. Watched an episode of MASH while home to relax, then made it back to campus around 10:15. Hung with Mormon Shawn and learned Excel 07 a little, then sat in on Quantum Computing ’til 12:30. Long lunch, then homework in my office. Did a little bit of lab work, and at five there was the CBC seminar. Then I taught 6-10. So, with the exception of about 45min, I spent 14 hours away from home today. I feel really accomplished, though, if a bit rushed.
It was fun, though, when I was in lab. Desire’s got herself an undergrad, and she left for a while so he was reporting to me. It’s like I’m a big kid or something.

Anyway. I should do homework so that I can get to bed. Love y’all!

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