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It’s funny how things work out

January 8, 2008

I joined a research group today! I had a meeting with Dr. Apkarian today about joining. We walked down to the bookstore to look at a book for a class he’d like me to audit, (he smoked…awkward!). We talked about what I’ve taken (he’s not happy with my computational grade, eek) while looking at this book. Then he decided the bookstore line was too long and stashed the book on a random shelf. Eventually he got to talking like I was really in the group, and at the end of the (hour long) meeting he said I’m in! :-D I’ve been stupidly nervous about this for ages, so it was really great to talk with him and know for sure that he’ll take me. Now I just have to research, write a thesis, and defend it before graduation…

I got to thinking, though, about how things work out in ways you wouldn’t expect. In high school I took programming as a lark. Throughout undergrad I did a couple of projects on surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy. I’ve always liked math. All those things have sorta come together in my research interests, and it’s surprising how important all of them are. It’s really neat to realize that I really do get to pick my own individual research path, even though I didn’t think I had any special interests. Apparently, without realizing it, I’ve been choosing my path all my life. I’m curious to see where it goes next.

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