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January 2, 2008

Ironically enough, PhDcomics (a webcomic about grad school) for the New Year showed NYC, Paris, and somewhere Asian…in that order. The irony being that the new year happened in exactly opposite that order.

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  1. January 4, 2008 6:12 am

    Had it been just you and I who saw that, you would have been the only one of us to notice that. ;)

  2. January 4, 2008 6:26 am

    March 2-9 my friends and I have plans to be in Anaheim. :-D
    If possible, it’d be awesome to see you in your new home state. :-D
    I just noticed we’d be like 30 miles away from LA. :-D

  3. January 4, 2008 7:52 am

    That would be sweet. Whatcha gonna be out here for?

  4. January 4, 2008 2:23 pm

    It’s WMU’s spring break, so my friend is going with a couple of his friends.

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