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December 21, 2007

If you could, take a minute to think happy thoughts or pray for my uncle Tony.  He just got diagnosed with liver cancer.

So I’m home.  Back in Adrian, attending high school concerts and helping Mom around the house.  It’s so wonderful to be here!  Everything’s so simple; the biggest challenge was when I couldn’t remember who the girl at Jimmy John’s was even though I’m sure I graduated h.s. with her.  I’m sleeping a lot and my cough is just about gone – all that’s left to cure this lingering cold is to get back to the sunshine.  I’ve been reading, even *gasp* studying a bit, and helped Mom out around the house.  I’ve seen Sara twice and Mike once.  Mostly, I’ve been able to relax and slip back in to life in Adrian really easily and comfortably.  It’s been really wonderful to be home, to be concerned with Adrian things.  Suddenly I’m worrying about Michigan taxes and the stupid dental issues Mom’s having, instead of the drama of California life and studying so very much.  As serious as things can be here, they all seem so much easier to deal with.  You know why that is?  Because I’m home.  Maybe I’ve been wrong this whole time.  I always said I want to live in a small town, but not <i>this</i> small town, because there’s too much history here I don’t remember.  Maybe I do want this small town after all.
It’s gonna be hard to go back.

Adam L, you home yet?

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  1. December 24, 2007 12:08 am

    This Cancer thing is really starting to piss me off…
    First, it killed an assortment of people I didn’t really know. Then it kills my sister. Now, my dad’s secretary whose been with him for over 40 years and is really freakin’ family…well, her husband just got diagnosed…late. He’s got about 4 months left to live. And now your uncle.
    *sigh* I’ll work a spell for your uncle once I get to that point. I think i’m about a month away. (not that i necessarily believe in spells…but it works for me. And I can only hope it works for him. Prayers vs. Spells. In their nature they are one in the same. just…carried out differently. Either way, positive thoughts)

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