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alcohol. and people.

December 11, 2007

I forget sometimes that not everyone’s a good person, so I guess it’s good to drink with a lot of people. The truth comes out when you’re drunk. Whatever people hide when they’re sensible, it comes tumbling out when they’ve been drinking. Some people end up harmless, or surprisingly interesting. Some end up idiots. (Btw, if anyone from UCI is reading this, I’m not thinking of the people you’re thinking of for the idiots. Well, not only them.)
I stayed sober last night (I was in charge of the rented room, so figured I ought to be aware) and made some interesting realizations. Firstly, it’s not as much fun as everyone says to be sober around drunk people. Secondly, people are stupid. I think that causes the first point. See, I’m too apt to trust people, too ready to assume that everyone’s good and decent and my sort of person. So often, though, when you get to know someone they turn out to be very different than that, and those errors in judgment get me confused and hurt a lot. It was good, last night, to see everyone drunk and honest, and remember that I don’t know anyone here well enough yet to really trust them. Everyone’s got secrets, and hidden parts of their personalities.
I guess I’m just disappointed, realizing that I don’t know people as well as I sometimes convince myself I do. Most of what I saw last night was harmless, traits which you expect from drunken people, actions which I’m willing to forgive. It was, though, unexpected, and didn’t fit with these pictures I’ve created.
I guess it’s just another reason why I wanna go home and see people I know again.

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