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November 15, 2007

There’s this hot lesbian who lives in the building next to me. I know she’s a lesbian because everything about her appearance screams it. She rides a yellow bike with a red bag strapped below the crossbar. I said hello to her tonight, even though it’s only the second time I’ve ever seen her. Now, I often say hello to people in my building that I see often, but it’s only people who I’ve seen a lot before. But, you know, she’s cute, and I need more queers in my life.

I feel like I’ve been neglecting this lately. Adam posts interesting entires about the events in my life, while my entries are random thoughts spread far out. I don’t ever try to write creatively in here. What I ought to do, I suppose, is type up all those random thoughts I write in class. That’s all the creative writing I’ve got left any more, but at least it’s still something. I spend so very much time thinking analytically, which is amazing, but comes with a cost. While it’s so amazing to be learning so much so fast, and to realize that I really can do neat things, at the same time I’m running so fast all the time thinking thoughts filled with numbers and facts that there’s so little room left for soft thoughts. Words don’t flow like they used to. I get moments of inspiration, yes, but they’re usually in the middle of another one of Shaka’s interminable lectures and almost always about home. I don’t take the time to edit and really craft anything, because I always have four more homework assignments to do, as well as reading and lab things and whatever else.

I really want some caffeine right now.

In other news, though, I got to play with the laser again today in lab, and that was really neat. Basically we were just tuning the instrument, and Desire was laughing at us the whole time because we suck at it, but it was really nifty anyway. Nicole burned herself on the green beam, which was sad but honestly rather funny too. We had to trace the beam path in order to measure and make sure that the two beams travel the same length, and so now I feel like I have some idea of what’s really going on. Though I need to re-remember what a NOPA is. Something to do with aiming two beams at the same spot and getting something cool out the other side…
I really need to figure out how to ask Dr. Apkarian about officially joining his lab. I love lasers, and he’s an awesome guy to work for, so it’s definitely the lab I want to join. I can’t believe I’ve actually made that decision…but I’ve gotta make it in before the spots get filled and I’m back to picking a lab again.
Anyway I ought to go do some reading.

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  1. November 16, 2007 12:44 am

    Yes! Writing more is good. I’m enjoying getting to be creative again. Then again, I’m sort of assigning it as homework to myself. Though, as this week goes by I look more and more forward to doing that homework every night. I’m getting less scare of it.
    But yeah, you are a great writer! The poems you let me see were really impressive. Try to make yourself sit down one day and do it again. I had to do that. I thought I shouldn’t write unless I wanted to, but that wasn’t getting me anywhere. Once I forced it, I’m rediscovering it. Don’t know if it is getting any better or not, but at least I’m writing. Gotta start somewhere.
    I vote you write a poem about lasers. That would be awesome.

  2. November 16, 2007 3:29 am

    Haha a laser poem. Well I have been inspired about them a lot recently. What a challenge to write well about something so not-creative. Perhaps I’ll try that.

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